20th September 2019

The Morning Light Workshop
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Who is it for? 

Beginners and more experienced photographers who feel a little lost in their creative journey and need more direction and inspiration. Spend a whole day working on you, your purpose and your photography, Learn how to bring out your creativity and really understand your own voice. 


Why Morning light? 

You know that feeling when you first open your eyes and the light you see is new and fresh and brings with it hope for a new adventure? The Morning light is an awakening. A new beginning, a new way of seeing and believing in yourself. 

A new kind of light. 

Our workshop isn’t just about giving you the tools you need to go ahead in your journey to taking more professional photographs. We want to enlighten and inspire you, bring new perspective to allow you to see your creativity, your own way. 

Because we are all UNIQUE 

We all have something incredible to share. 

This workshop has been designed to work on your deeper levels, to find the core of your work and release the spark you feel you may be missing. 


Along with sessions to inspire and a chance to communicate your personal thoughts and goals, we will be working along with you to find your voice, your photography style, and help you begin this new journey. With the perfect combination of practical skills and simple, understandable information you will be free to take photographs from a place that feels right for you and take photographs you are connected with and are proud of. 

Who is this Workshop for? 

People who are passionate about photography and are searching for their own style and their own voice.  In a big stream of people taking pictures, you want to understand how to stand out, while also feeling fully connected with the work you are creating. 

What I will get

An open environment to have your story heard and the right kind of support to lead you onto taking the kind of photographs you were meant to take. 

More intimate time to work with James and Jo - talking, listening, learning, observing practices and having the chance to shoot your own work along with our hands on support and advice. 

A better understanding of where you want to go from here, more direction, more inspiration and better confidence to go out and shoot more of what you really want. 

A small group of passionate people on a similar journey to your own. Chance to bond with likeminded people who understand your deepest frustrations and will want to share in your greatest successes. 

What I will learn

How to filter through all of the current noise to find you, your voice and your photography style.

Work with us to get the best out of your camera and take the kind of photographs you dream about taking. 

Learn how to unravel the rules, the regulations, the should’s and the could’s and find a way to feel excited about the way you see the world and present it through your camera. 

Understand the different genres of photography and find what most floats your boat. 

Figure out early on what really works for you and find your own path. 

This is for you if 

You love using your camera and feel you are ready to make the leap towards being a professional photographer. Or you are already taking photographs but are still not sure which direction is best for you and would like to find your purpose and direction. 

You have the gear but feel as though something is missing in the photographs you take currently. 

You are ready to take the next step on this journey and are passionate about working with us and finding your own voice and photography style.

You already see everything as though it’s through the lens of your camera. Everything comes to life when you hold it in your hands and you just want to know how to bring your own unique something into your photographs.


That’s all Great but…


Our little studio on the hills outside Hebden Bridge, There is a train station in Hebden and one in Sowerby Bridge and happy to come and pick you up and bring you here. There are also great places to stay around the area, if you’d like some recommendations then please let us know.


The date is set and it’s the 20th September 2019.

How Much?



Yes there will be food and it’s all included, if you let us know if you have any dietary requirements before hand that would be awesome.

How many places are there?

We really want this to be as unique for each individual as possible making sure we give and listen. It’s really important to us that you come away from this with some new friends and a new light inside you. So that being said there is only 8 places and once they are gone they are gone.

Do I need to Bring anything?

Yes please bring your camera and a lens or two. There will be a live shoot on the day and we’ll go over areas of editing. A good sense of humour is always welcome and maybe something to make notes on.


The Morning Light Workshop
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