The Light we see


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the light we see
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Finding the light is our favourite part of photography, because with light, you can create ALL the magic. Even in the simplest way, once you have a more clear understanding of it. You don’t need a fancy camera necessarily, you can just use your eyes and a camera phone if you wish. What we want you to learn from this e book, is that light is not a barrier. The more you can learn to play with it, rather than than avoid certain types, the stronger you will feel about taking the kinds of photographs you always wanted to. 


What will I get ? 

  • A digital download of the light we see E book to keep

  • 5 chapters leading the way into seeing the light 

  • The chance to pick up and read at your own pace

  • Lots of photographs to demonstrate each type

  • Descriptions for each type of light

  • The chance to really take the kind of images you see in your mind

  • Tasks to help you take your own beautiful photographs 

    What will I learn ?

  • How to take more emotive photographs using light

  • Information about all different types of light

  • How to really see light , even the most delicate

  • How to use spot metering to make the most of what you see

    Who is this book for? 

  • If you love photography but don’t feel as though you ever get that “WOW” feeling, yes this is for you. 

  • For those of you who want to get better at taking pictures for yourself or for your business

  • For anyone with a camera phone or DSLR, this book teaches you how to see the light and make the most of it. 

  • For beginner and intermediate photographers who can see the kind of image they want to take, but just don’t know how. 

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Why teach about light? 

Because for us, it’s the key to great photography. From mentoring and teaching our classes, it’s the module that we’ve seen time and time again help people to have that literal light bulb moment. It’s not only technically useful but you will also learn how to see the light everywhere. It is natural beauty appreciation at it’s best and once you can see it, that perspective will always stay with you.

Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.
— Sally Mann
The light we see E book
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