Emotive Editing - 1 hour mentoring call

Emotive Editing - 1 hour mentoring call


Learn how to use an editing suit such as lightroom to find and create a colour and black and white preset that is personal to you. We can also show you ways of tweaking your images for different light situations and add a new feel to your images. Something that is unique to you. 

Editing for us is mostly fun. Although as you usually find with anything fun, there’s always elements that confuse you and are equally frustrating. This 1 hour class shows you how to take any kind of photograph and turn it into something pretty special. 

Editing can be something that you just need for small tweaks and improvements and that’s totally fine.  To be honest, that’s great as it will take you less time. It can also create images with feeling and produce work that will take your breath away. 

We will take you through our process, it may be a little technical, but don’t worry, we’ll go through it carefully and in our usual simple way. We hope that by the end of this class you are able to confidently edit all of your photographs with clarity and consistency and most of all with power. 

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