Living a more sustainable life.

Our good friends Matt and Beth live here. They grow their own veg and fruit, have a home for chickens…. and are making efforts to have a more sustainable life. Not in a big noisy way, just because it works for them.

When and where do you make the steps towards a life that ‘feels’ more considered, more real, more thoughtful about the world we live in, and the choices we make to making it a better place?

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family - Hannah, Ben, Oscar and Wilf.

Why do we LOVE to shoot families? because these photographs continue to tell YOUR story. 

We met Hannah, Ben and Oscar last year when Wilf was just a teeny tiny apple or pear (?) in Hannah's tummy. At the time, when we arrived, Oscar was happily playing with his toys, emptying the recycling and learning to walk carefully up and down the beautiful wooden staircase in their home in York. Ben and Hannah were busy tending gently to his needs and quietly inviting him to explore new things. They were no doubt getting their heads around another arrival to their little team and wondering how it would all fit together. 

Moving along to a few weeks ago, Wilf is here, almost 6 months old and beaming with sweet smiles. Both Hannah and Ben are more relaxed in their parenting, as inevitably another human helps us to realise that we can't possibly be all to everyone, all of the time, and it's probably best to just roll with it. Oscar has grown, in height and personality. He's speaking to Margot like a friend he's known for years, and throws himself straight into her toy collection. He speaks with a slight cockney accent which sounds so funny up to Margot's new Yorkshire drawl. 

The thing is we change, we develop and we grow. 

The one thing in life that is best to accept is change, and documenting those changes can be the best way to remember each wonderful phase with a huge smile on our faces. 

This life of ours is fast and fleeting, it can be a big muddle at one moment and move so very slowly the next. 

We really hope you like these images from our time with these wonderful souls. 

If you would like to look back at the original film photographs of Hannah, Ben and Oscar, you can - here

bare feet & wild hearts - An insight into a Wild and free shoot

When we're chatting to little people, I find it so amazing to watch their body language and listen to their random thoughts.

It's really not about the kids behaving themselves or conforming in anyway. 

I don't even really care if they believe they are a Disney princess or want to tell us all about your deepest secrets, we just want to make sure they can be free to be themselves.

So if you're thinking about booking a shoot with us, please don't worry if it will work with your little ones. All you have to do is show up and and they will do the rest. Who ever they are, what ever they become, this is how they are now. 

and we think they are pretty special. 

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Last year we decided to shoot with conviction. With a direction we are sure of and wanted to give to other people. We have dreams of everyone having photographs of their beloved family in their home that are real, raw, and kinda make you want to cry at the memory of the moment. It's all so blooming precious this time of ours. Savour it! 

Here's the Worthington's, wonderful people with hearts of absolute gold. 

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The beautiful Meek family with brand new addition. Got to say the best time to photograph a new baby has to be in the first two weeks of arriving home, it's such a special time. Plus they change so fast after that! 


Lauren, Ste and Hector / Film photography

Families shot in film to us, are pretty special. Those blurred edges, soft movement and tender touches.. ohhhhh we fall in love with them over and over. 

Shooting in film has really changed so much for us. It takes a lot longer, it's kinda faffy and heavy.. it's really bloody heavy! 

but it's worth everything and more.

Here's Lauren, Ste and little Hector.


wild & free, Nancy & Pearl

Wild & Free.... we have heard this term a lot, but it's something we've wanted to explore a little more for a long time, with ourselves and our photography. A few years ago we found an amazing website called Childhood Unplugged, and really loved their ethos and what they stand for. I don't know if it's the age of our children or if technology is moving so very fast, but it feels super important to us to let children be children. Is it just us or are there so many more restraints on them these days? Rules and regulations, safe guarding and scaring? I think it's safe to say micro managing may well have taken up residence in our house in the past, oops!! It's kind of a rabbit hole of a conversation, which I'm sure deserves a much more lengthy talk. For us, the long and short of it is  the internet has opened up a world of experiences for our children, some amazing, some just plain worrying. With our own three we're really trying to make time for creative explorations, opportunities to work on their own independence and self reliance. I won't say it's particularly easy (suggestions of getting rid of the TV for awhile didn't go down too well) but if anything, It's worth a chance to spend time outdoors, reconnecting with our surroundings and taking notice of what's there.

So we've made a change. It's been a labour of love for the past few years and we really hope you like what you see! Taking time to capture children in their raw and natural ways. Letting them run free and be kids, make a mess and not care so much. (Okay, we'll all try not to care so much but may have to follow them around with a towel!) 

This is the start of a new journey for us, with lots to say and show you. We hope to help inspire you and teach along the way. Fancy joining us? 

 Here are Nancy and Pearl. 




Tom recently acquired a family of six with two boys and now two teeny tiny girls. Probably not the easiest all film shoot to do after a 6 hour drive back from Devon but we like a challenge! Turns out Tom and his big brood were blooming wonderful to photograph. Mostly on medium format and a little with our new Leica M6. Thanks so much Tom, your were all amazing! LOVE LOVE these!