Winter hashtag project

It wasn’t such a long time since we (in the UK) were still trying to figure out how little clothes we could get away with wearing, whilst still going about our daily things. The British heatwave certainly made being outside a joy didn’t it?

Think, one layer of clothes maximum and some open shoes.. or no shoes, who needs shoes anyway? We’re definitely the family that prefer to feel free.

Anyway, it came as a bit of a shock after weeks on end of heat, to finally really feel the chill of September. It was on Sunday morning of the 9th to be exact. I stuck my leg out of bed and quickly recoiled it when I felt that familiar chill. Either that or I was about to be pulled out of bed with it by a 2 year old.

One of the things we notice most about winter, being outdoor photographers mostly, is that it can at times, limit our creativity. Years of rearranging shoots, harbouring big plans and being let down by the rain, or snow, or fog.. or it just being too blooming grim. Living in Yorkshire can really put the literal dampeners on when you step outside into sideways wind and rain. Regardless of how much enthusiasm you have, you can’t make Yorkshire look like it’s something you would like to prance around in with no coat on. Neither does it usually look like one of those far away places with all the warm sandy tones and hazy heat. It just ain’t happening.


What happens if we turn it on it’s head a little bit. What happens if we stop trying to create something that isn’t, and embrace the winter?

You know what, it is cold a lot, usually wet a lot, and the rain can still seep in through the seams of even the best waterproof if the wind has it’s way.

but how about we’re a bit more real about it all? I’m sure we all have a story to tell. A cosy scene that lights up when you think of your warm and happy place or something that takes advantage of those dark and sometimes dreary tones?

We want you to come along with us this winter and b*gger the weather, learn to live with it a bit more and see what we can make with it. Think Wuthering heights and layers of fabric, warm bright hats against dark grey skies and pots of hot tea steaming against a wooded backdrop. Feel the cold against your cheeks and the colour coming into them. Remember what it’s like to feel alive and outside.

Connecting with nature and getting as much vitamin D into our bodies is just one way to keep ourselves happy and healthy this winter.

If you’d like to join in and celebrate feeling alive this season, come along with us and post your creations to #gooutsidethiswinter

We’d love you to.