Which of your wedding photographs really matter to you after the big day?

I've been thinking something for a little while, and wanted to share it with you.

When we started photographing weddings 7 years ago ( Wow, has it really been that long?!) we realised quite quickly that while you can get a little caught up in the 'Wedding planning' mode, it's also easy to lose sight of what getting married and finding your favourite person really means to you. It can't be helped.. planning a wedding is HARD work, I remember very well planning ours in just 3 short months! It took every spare moment, writing lists, searching pintrest for visual ideas, sending out invites, choosing venues and food? the list is literally endless. 

but one thing always happens when the day actually comes, that never fails to surprise us and warm our slightly wedding photographer soggy hearts. (We're both sensitive souls!) It's seeing you with your family, your mum, nan or sister. It's carefully watching on and seeing those moments when dad can't quite catch his breath when he sees you all dressed up, or being there when you shakily take those new steps ahead of you. It may sound a bit cliche but each and every wedding day is for you and your special people. 

When the day comes along, it doesn't quite matter how much you have planned and styled and prepared to make sure everyone has a great day. You've done the hard work and now it's time to really realise why you have brought everyone together and why they are here for you. 

They are here because they have seen you grow, they have shared great times and hardships with you. Grandparents may have in the past, tenderly held you in their arms for the first time, wondering if they would ever see this part of your life happening. Dearly hoping that they would. Your friends may have witnessed some rather dubious past relationship choices and be super happy that you finally found someone who loves you as much as they do. 

When it comes to Wedding photographs, the moments that seem to matter most to you, aren't always the obvious ones. They can quite often be the parts you missed, or were in such a bubble that looking back at them now, they complete the memory of your day perfectly. Over the years the favourite pictures may have been of people that have since passed away, those photographs become almost sacred. They could be the way your dress flickered in the breeze, reminding you of exactly how you felt in that moment. A squeeze from dad while you feel safe in his never ending pride and joy. 

What ever you plan for, however much you work towards the perfect day, always remember that this day is to celebrate both of your stories. Of how you began and the shape of your future together as two families and bounded friends. All of these people will see you through the seasons of your life and that will matter much more to you than worrying a few too many seconds about the shade of your dahlias. 

Let go a little and enjoy, we'll be there to catch the rest!

Here are Carly and Max