We're going to Brighton to meet some farmers

On the 2nd and 3rd of October we’re off to Brighton!

We’re not actually going to meet any farmers, just a lot of great Photographers and photography suppliers and we’ll be running our WILD + FREE Portrait class there on Tuesday the 2nd October.

Yes.. it is this year, just a few weeks away now!

If you’ve not heard of the Photography farm and what they do there, then it might help you to pop along to their site and see the wonderful work they do in educating photographers from all over. You can visit their site here

Here’s what they say in their own words about their FARMERS MARKET ALTERNATIVE TRADE SHOW

‘FARMERS MARKET is setting out to shake up the photo/video Trade Show formula; to create a space where you will want to hang out, meet with your favourite companies or discover some fantastic new ones’.

Sounds pretty good right?

There’s going to be so much to learn and some incredible people to learn from, hop on over and take a look!

plus.. we’ll be there :)