Telling a brand story - MOSS / Lifestyle photography

Whenever we are asked to take photographs for a brand, for us, it always starts with their own story.

Moments of sense and style had a very clear beginning, perhaps one of the most compelling stories I’ve heard in awhile. We couldn’t help but be drawn to Syreeta and Rob’s passion and determination to make something huge that happened in their lives, which was life changing and challenging in equal parts, into hope for others and a path they can work towards together in slow, careful movements.

Syreeta and Rob created MOSS years after Rob suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke. In their own words

‘the brand was born from a desire to create light out of the darkness; an innovative and conceptual approach to dealing with life changing events’

Telling their brand story became something we quickly took to our own hearts. There’s nothing like hearing other people’s courage and hard work to give you inspiration.

The way we usually approach these kind of projects is to really hear a story and build up a picture in our minds of how this could look. In a way you almost have to close your eyes and feel what they feel, really see their vision and work out a way to best create that same feeling for them.

Most of the photographs we took were product shots for their website and social media but we wanted to make them soulful and incorporate both Rob and Syreeta. They are bound in such a gentle and understanding way, It wasn’t difficult to achieve. You can pop along to their website above to see how the photographs all work on their site.

Along with Photographs we created a short film.

I hope you enjoy the work we created together. If you have a brand that you feel deserves a better story and would like some photographs or a short film making for your website, social media or promotional marketing, you can enquire with us here

We’d love to work with you!