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Being a new parent / family photography

Just look at those toes! I don’t know one person who can resist tiny baby toes, they are the best!

We’ve known Hannah for quite awhile now so was such a pleasure to visit their little family and take these photographs. It really doesn’t matter if you have done the parent thing before and you are kind of ready for a new baby, or are on a brand new journey of parenting. Holding your own tiny one is blooming magical.

Here are some of the photographs we took for Chris and Hannah of Ella.

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Choosing your best life

I’ve been reading a lot lately, partly a decision made for me as we’ve completely gone off the grid since we moved but what ever the reason, picking up a book seemed like the best form of quiet entertainment.

You see, we didn’t count on being completely off the grid when we moved, more - let’s move further out into the countryside where the signal is poor and we can live a quieter, calmer life. (but with access to 4G, signal and on the following Wednesday - Wi-Fi) 6 days seemed enough ‘quiet’ time to get used to our surrounding and really settle ourselves in.

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Photographing your real life, not just your internet worthy life.

We talk a lot about taking more everyday kind of photographs. I think there’s lots of reasons that many of us don’t necessarily take those snapshot moments quite as much anymore. For us, we’ve mostly got a particular style of photograph in our minds and have recently recognised that most of our everyday things are often taken on i phones. I’m sure we’re not on our own here!

but what will this mean as we all grow older? Will we still keep those memories safe? or will they be locked away on memory cards and masses of uploaded but never seen again files?

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Chloe | family shoot | Why family shoots matter

Family is everything. When you have the chance to stop and really see it. Really see you. Having photographs taken at any point are always going to mark parts of your life that will at some point seem like such a distant memory. That’s why we wholeheartedly love to take these pictures for you. They matter, you matter.

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