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Choosing your best life

I’ve been reading a lot lately, partly a decision made for me as we’ve completely gone off the grid since we moved but what ever the reason, picking up a book seemed like the best form of quiet entertainment.

You see, we didn’t count on being completely off the grid when we moved, more - let’s move further out into the countryside where the signal is poor and we can live a quieter, calmer life. (but with access to 4G, signal and on the following Wednesday - Wi-Fi) 6 days seemed enough ‘quiet’ time to get used to our surrounding and really settle ourselves in.

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Family travel to Scotland

Last summer we headed up to Tynabruaich in Scotland and these are some of the images from that trip. It’s something we want to do more as a family in 2019, if it’s climbing a mountain one weekend going on a plane and exploring new countries or just being out close to home on the moors. If you could recommend anywhere in the UK or further a field then please let us know.

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Chloe | family shoot | Why family shoots matter

Family is everything. When you have the chance to stop and really see it. Really see you. Having photographs taken at any point are always going to mark parts of your life that will at some point seem like such a distant memory. That’s why we wholeheartedly love to take these pictures for you. They matter, you matter.

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