chapter two / Brand photography

Just over a month ago we shot for the wonderfully creative brand Chapter 2 store

As the bilberries were ripe for picking and the autumn sunshine tried it’s hardest to make those shoes gleam, we ran about in the heather with Fay and her boys.

Always brilliant to have the opportunity to create for handcrafted brands and see their workmanship and passion in action.

Here’s the launch of Chapter2store and the addition of their women’s shoes!

Forest Gin featuring Teddy / lifestyle photography

Back in 2015 we photographed for Forest Gin when it was in its infancy. We went along foraging in the Macclesfield forest with their family and heard of how they starting this at home in their conservatory. Stemming mostly from a love for locally sourced ingredients and something they could do together. Forest Gin quickly became a household name.

Moving on 3 years and Karl asked if we would pop around to see and photograph their new distillery. It’s pretty special to see two people so passionate about an idea and watch it grow and evolve so much!

So here are a few of the photographs we took in and around the distillery, still based in the macclesfield forest.

oh and here’s Teddy. He’s the best for meet and greets at the door!

Acorn and Pip / Lifestyle photography

We met Lucy and Tim from Acorn and pip a few months ago now. After following them on instagram and realising their beautiful shop was only 20 minutes from home we figured we ought to go and have a little look. If you’ve seen them online or insta you will know just how beautiful their shop is and their whole branding aesthetic is right up our street too.

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Telling a brand story - MOSS / Lifestyle photography

Whenever we are asked to take photographs for a brand, for us, it always starts with their own story.

Moments of sense and style had a very clear beginning, perhaps one of the most compelling stories I’ve heard in awhile. We couldn’t help but be drawn to Syreeta and Rob’s passion and determination to make something huge that happened in their lives which was life changing and challenging in equal parts, into hope for others and a path they can work towards together in slow, careful movements.

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