Amanda & Josh // Wedding Photography

a wedding like no other.
It’s the first wedding where Jo and I have worked together in such a long time and it’s the first time we’ve gone into it not using the canon 5d Mark 4’s. Instead we used 2 Leica Q’s which have a fixed 28mm lens and produce the most beautiful files. A Canon 6D mark 2 and a Sony a7iii with an 85 - 35 combo.
We haven’t blogged a wedding in so long but we have a few lined up and I want to share some of our favourite images from the day. Not necessarily the story of the day in a timeline but just images that make our hearts sing.

lots of love for these two, congratulations Mr and Mrs McCartney


Our family went on it’s travels this past weekend to Ingolstadt for my brothers wedding. It’s a beautiful space a great place to take the children, who loved it and also broke Jo and me. In all honestly I’m putting some of the images out there because I’ve wanted to travel more with photography for a while now, so this is us making a start. It wasn’t that easiest to take the images that I wanted with the children in towe, but then on reflection I’ve learnt that I just need to make more time for it. #everydayisalearningday

I’m now going to search the internet for travel photographers that I can connect with, if you have some favourites then send them our way.