Running at it with open arms.

He's our sunny day, our constant optimism, our morning stretch and hug. He runs towards any new situations more than we ever could, with open arms and giddy skips.  We are so proud of him. 

How do we keep his light burning bright when everything he seems to do in an educated world tells him he's under target, under achieving for his peers and not quite where he SHOULD be. He knows he sits on the yellow table and that it isn't quite good enough, as much as his teachers try to help.

All he needs is a day out of the ordinary routine and his whole world explodes with questions (so many questions!) and realities. He learns so much more through sounds, smells and touch and is absolutely fearless when it comes to making new friends and connections. 

Everyone is his new best friend and he can't wait for the next moment.

Do we tell him the world can be a cruel place where you NEED to be educated to succeed? or do we nurture his passion for life and show him he can be anything he wants to be? 

I know what we wholeheartedly hope for him.