It's been a while since I've gotten some film scans back, well it feels that way but today I did just that. Ah man I've missed it, and I think I've found my favourite lab in Carmencita. Hands down the best lab that I've sent my film to. And now I've got my favourite camera set up, Pentax 67ii and the Nikon f3Hp I'm so happy. We're moving at the end of the week and there is space in the new house for a darkroom!! 
Anyway would love your thoughts on these, it was a shoot for Hayley at Rolling in Roses and while I shot most things on digital it was amazing to have the chance to shot some film.

Pentax 67ii
Kodak tmax 400
Fuji Acros 100

Full credits go to
Hayley - Rolling in Roses 
Jenn & Natty {hair & makeup} 
Fiona {flowers}