Rolling in Roses - New Cosmos Collection

We have been lucky enough to call Hayley from Rolling in Roses a friend for the past seven years, can't quite believe it's been so long! Needless to say we were totally over the moon to shoot another of her stunning collections. She's a total gem that one! 

It's a tiny bit possible that we're a bit biased as almost three years ago Hayley designed and made my 1960's inspired dress for our wedding day, and it was such a great experience. She's one of the coolest women we know and going to her studio in York is a real treat. (You should pop in sometime!) 

So here's a tiny part of the collection, a bunch of our favourites from the shoot in two different styles. We shot some for her online site and also some for the lookbook. James also got to fly the drone and take some incredible landscape shots. (He's been 'practising' for months chasing us up and down the moors with it) Fun Fun! 

To see the full collection and more of Hayley's work,  just follow the link here 

Flowers from the incredibly talented Fiona at Firenza floral design

Makeup from another talented and lovely human Jen at Jen Edwards and co 

Models - Maria and Milly from J'adore and Nemesis