River kids

When I look at these pictures it reminds me that we're doing ok, you know?

After school while the UK weather has been super kind to us, we've been taking a walk up to the nearest woods where a small stream flows by. Our usual route in the winter follows the old train tracks which have long since grown over and mostly turned into small piles of brick, but here and there you can just about see the platform and we like to imagine people stood waiting for their trains, taking them to their jobs or out of the village on a trip. 

In the spring we've watched the same paths lined with sparkling dew covered bluebells, and now we're going into summer, the kids feel kind of small walking by the towering ferns and cow parsley. I just love to see the changes. The seasons in the UK can make us all a little obsessed with the weather but I enjoy seeing how the landscape around us changes, depending on the amount of sunshine and rain we get. 

This walk is only around 5 minutes from home so it's usually not met with complaints, which is always good! Margot loves her wellies at the moment, she can put them on herself which I think may be why she loves them so much but that's fine with us. I stand by watching while she determinedly pulls them on. Her brothers are always her best inspiration, she wants to do everything they can. 

Being outside brings us more together, physically we hold hands for steadying or the kids catch a piggy back when they're tired. I like the contact, it makes us feel connected. 

I love to watch their independence and imagination which make these short trips out of the hum drum so very worthwhile.