Revolog Kolor 35mm Film

Thought I'd try something new and bought a roll of Kolor film in 35mm. I'm still trying to find my favourite film and I've got to say this isn't a film I would buy all that often, but when I do it will be for something personal as the results... well you can see. Every frame has a different colour cast and you don't really know which is going to be in the picture you're taking, but I like that. Love the fact that I got a full roll back and in there I've got some that I don't think anyone could have thought up in photoshop. 

I don't think it's a film I'd buy to shoot professional work but then I'd probably have a roll just in case. Love to know what you think of the results and if it's something you'd go for and what you'd use it for?

You can find more examples on their site here -  35mm Revolog Kolor Film