Nancy - A child's lesson in now


- Breathe 

- Listen

- Notice

- Slow down


Being a parent of three children, I know all too well how days can pass by in a flash and before you know it, the moment has gone. 

I sometimes look back and wish I'd have treasured certain times more, paid more attention, lived IN the moment more rather than being distracted by so many many things. 

but we're only human.

and change is constant and inevitable. 

When we take some time out with the kids to slow down, go for a walk, to breathe in the air, listen to their voices as the wind carries it away, notice the changes since last time you stopped... it's a grounding experience.

All those hours and days you have nurtured them and watched on as they grow, somehow make more sense when you are back between the trees and the earth. They have a way of stripping you right back to the start, leaving you feeling refreshed and giving you the chance to acknowledge them now, in front of you. 

Here is Nancy, it was only a short walk and a chat, with a little bit of quiet filming in between. 

but it was worth every second. 

Thank you Nancy!