Melia Portraits

'So we went back to the beginning, it was a place we knew well, the days when we just wanted to take photographs all day and feel excited to share and wholly responsible for what we were shooting. The days when every penny we made was a huge victory and nothing was taken for granted. Because we NEEDED to go there. It wasn't necessarily a choice, you know?  From this came a background, a single light and a simple way of shooting portraits. When we stripped back our reasons for taking pictures, it became clear that we wanted to capture more people, more personalities and more soul. Turns out shooting with lights doesn't have to be the scary ass thing it's made out to be. It felt raw and real and right. 

Here's are some of our very favourite's.. the one's that made our skin tingle, the one's that changed us.' 

It's not always the easiest place to start from, when you feel you NEED to create something, what ever that reason may be. It took a fair amount of searching and research, trial and error to get here with these. Some days it worked, others there was something missing and we  had to just keep going with it. But what we've found was so very special. We found a connection in these photographs like no other. For me, these images of the people I know so well, make my head spin. They are so true to the core of us, you can almost read our faces and they could tell you a thousand stories. 

We really hope that you like them too!

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