Living a more sustainable life.

Our good friends Matt and Beth live here. They grow their own veg and fruit, have a home for chickens…. and are making efforts to have a more sustainable life. Not in a big noisy way, just because it works for them.

When and where do you make the steps towards a life that ‘feels’ more considered, more real, more thoughtful about the world we live in, and the choices we make to making it a better place?

I’m not saying our lovely friends are super into it.. to be honest, we’ve never really had a conversation about it.

But they DO IT.

In my lifetime of anxiety induced procrastination, I thought I wouldnt be able to do that. Either I wouldn’t have time, or the know how, or the space.

What it really comes down to is just actually doing it. Making space, making time, WANTING to make a difference.

Do you do anything to make a difference?

Saying all this, we have made some changes this year. They may not be much, but we’re trying and I’ll give us a metaphorical pat on the back for at least starting somewhere.

We had a small forage into growing our own strawberries, and they grew, and we ate them. It was only a small thing but our confidence grew along with them and now we’re looking to plant some veggies next year too.

We recycle as much as possible. Clothes, food, glass, metal, plastics. All were carefully washed and sent on to be reused.

We all have our own re fillable water bottles or coffee cups. It’s not always possible to remember to re fill before we go, as family like can be hectic. So even if we do have to buy a new bottle, we make sure one of the kids will re use it for school.

We have cloth bags or try to reuse plastic ones. It started to become a huge bugbear of mine that our plastic bag storage was overflowing every time I opened the cupboard. So we now have conveniently placed cloth bags hanging by the coats in our cupboard, in the boot of the car and in my bag. The boys use their rucksacks if they are popping to the shop too.

We buy things from charity or antique shops. I totally love a bargain, especially a well made, once much loved item that is no longer needed but needs a new home. When we moved into a bigger place last year, we were kindly passed down an old family crockery set (hornsea pottery I think) and an oak dining table. I love the idea that our families have sat around this table and shared time together over food eaten from these dishes.

‘Make do and mend’. My dad has written on a mug I keep seeing on a shelf in their home. I’m hardly talented at sewing but if something has split, got a hole in it, button fallen off. I don’t mind sitting quietly and mending it. It’s pretty therapeutic actually.

When we do buy something new we really really think about it. Do we need it? is it just that ‘consumer self’ in me that thinks I need it? Who has made it? will they be paid the right money for their work? will it last? Can we hand it down afterwards?

Soap bars in every bathroom. Soap bars are my favourite! Especially when they are made with wonderful essential oils and vegetable oils too. Less chemicals, less plastic, soft skin, win win!

Straws.. anyone else start asking for no straws in their drinks when they are out and about? or making sure they recyclable or take your own bamboo or metal straws out with you? It’s a bit easier just to not use one to be honest. Either way.. we’re much more aware of the problems they cause.

I’m sure we have a LONG way to go but we made a start and intend to keep working on it.

It’s all about less procrastination and more doing.

Would love to know of any other ways you have found to be more sustainable in your home/life?