life lately / Lifestyle photography

All shot on our Leica Q with really minimal editing.

Rope swings, tantrums, friends, dog walks, watering cans and lots of laughing.

When we said we moved here for the light, I really meant it.

The light here lifts our spirits, adds fuel to our ideas and gives us that feeling that things are possible.

The new house isn’t quite so new anymore, in fact, I can’t actually believe we’ve been here 2 months already. The bricks and mortar finally feel like us. But it’s not just the roof over our heads that matters so much..

Looking back over the past years and where we are now, it’s important for us to appreciate that this is the life we chose together. However challenging it can be to run a business together and take care of our family, our purpose was to search out that elusive peace within our souls.

Peace is an odd element to find. I often thought it would come with time, or experience, knowledge or quiet but as time goes on I realise that it comes with space. You see space is different from time - If you say you need time, it’s possible to fill that time with all kinds of crap that really won’t benefit you in the long run. Space is something in between that you understand is healing you, giving you strength and a whole truck load of self compassion.

I can’t say we’re there completely, and there are still days upon days where we get a little bit lost in the mix of daily life and work, but here we are both learning some more self compassion and along with it a feeling of peace.

Here we don’t have to fit in, we can acknowledge our real and create space between thoughts and reality. It’s very small steps, but moving closer to the earth, the water, the air, the wildlife - are all steps in the right direction.

Here’s a small selection of our life in the last two months.