less is better / Photographing with your soul not your gear.

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I started photography like most, with a camera and a lens. But as the internet took off, I saw so many hundreds of other photographers using this bit of gear to create a certain look, and that kind of lens to create something else, I started convincing myself that I needed all of the above. Pretty sure I'm not the only one who's felt like this, and in a way, I wished that I could go back and start all over again. Without all that. 

I'd stay with a camera body and maybe two lenses and make them work. Really spend some time with them, learn how to get the most out of working with them together. There is so much hype around gear these days. Sony have just brought out this amazing camera the A7iii, It looks phenomenal and does everything, and that's brilliant I'm sure, but what happens when the next comes out? Yeah, I know that this is how it all works, but don't you think it just makes photography a little noisy? A little harder to concentrate and focus? When you're thinking about what could be if you had the latest... or what's coming out next. It's really easy to hide behind all the technology, believe me, I've done it.

These days for me, it's more about making things work for you, creating that feeling & emotion. The connection between you and your subject, less about the equipment and more about giving a bit of you. It's worth a go. plus... it only needs you.

just a thought. 

Try a few of these things out and shoot with just your phone for a week. 

Take time to rethink your composition

Work with the light

Play around with simple edits on VSCO 

Take photo's of a subject you love (human or not) 

find a new location with a beautiful backdrop

Have a go and see what happens!