Leaving time to dream

How do we continue to keep our minds alive and well if we never allow it some peace? 

I'm sure we are as guilty of it as you are - if I get a quick minute to myself before the school pickup, before a fringe trim, while i'm waiting for James, when Margot is safely tucked up in bed. I look through messages, checking if there's anywhere or anyone else that needs updating. Scrolling in a mindless way, quietening down a tiny bit of the busy day. Or so it feels. 

I've started to wonder if our minds really are relaxing in this way. If absorbing all this extra information is really doing us any good? Because if I really concentrate on what i'm doing, I realise I feel a little more agitated and unfulfilled whilst at the same time feeling disengaged with my actual life. 

Every now and again we'll realise what we are doing and consciously try to stop. We start tutting at strangers we don't know in cafe's, sat together, idly scrolling. 

What if we didn't do that for an hour, a day or a week? what do you think could happen if we used those minutes of mind filling to dream. To sit quietly and watch the world go by, to notice the person sat next to us, to imagine a different way of being. 

Maybe in that time, our minds would remember what it was like to be a little bit empty, bored even, now wouldn't that be a strange concept? I know we already say this to the kids!

If we had half an hour to allow our minds to wander, to seek peaceful spaces, perhaps something really wonderful could happen. 

We could feel calmer and more ready to enjoy the moment. We could see that the person sat next to us needs a bit of help. We could make changes in a bigger way than while our minds were constantly entertained. 

Wouldn't that be a thing? 

Could be worth a try.