Afternoon portraits - Learning to shoot portraits with the sony A7iii

I think it’s safe to say that we grew a great love and trust using our Canon systems over the years. It was quite a surprise when the Sony A7iii came onto our radar. It’s not that we were all canon or nothing, I’m sure there’s not much between each different system (ok maybe you would disagree with me on that, I know it’s a pretty weighted subject) but in all honesty, over the years we’ve shot with digital and lots of different film cameras and there was just something special about the images that were coming out of the Sony that we just couldn’t ignore.

This isn’t a full and conclusive report of our thoughts but just a little side note along the way. For us as portrait photographers, enjoying creating more soft, soulful images, everywhere we looked online the portraits we saw were super sharp and really vibrant. In a non technical and more simple description we’d say they were on the whole much more ‘digital’ looking and that’s not what we wanted at all.

So how to do you make this super camera/computer work for you as a portrait photographer?

For a start…. turn that clarity slider DOWN!

We did plenty of reading and had some personal support from another Sony user who basically told us we’d need to set up the camera to suit our style.

We’ve had a few teething problems and still to figure out more with the Sony colours but..

I think we kinda like them.

A lot.