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How many times have you wished your camera could see the image that was in your mind? It's so frustrating and disheartening to have a clear vision that just isn't making it's way from your eye to the camera's lens - and then the moment passes and you've lost it forever.

I know you’re not the only one that feels like this. Owning any kind of camera can be a minefield. Almost like there’s some secret photography code that you just can’t find out. For a start it seems very technical and there’s also so many different ways to shoot and then there’s which subject and lighting and…. the list goes on. 

Mentoring has developed into quite a passion for us, helping you to figure out exactly how to create the images you want and feel excited when you can achieve it, is THE best feeling. In the past month we have been running a free summer photography challenge and have seen such a great amount of development and determination from everyone. It's been a great pleasure to teach a few of our simple ways for talking photographs and to see that it's making a difference.

For those of you who missed joining us for the challenge and would be interested in learning, in a more simple way, how to start creating really beautiful photographs, or for any of you who took part and feel they would benefit from a more tailored style of mentoring, we have something for you.  

There just seem to be so MANY MANY ways to learn we wanted to bring it back down to basics and offer to teach you one to one. Or two to one.. however it may work for you. We honestly believe there's nothing quite like speaking to someone and being able to describe the parts you get most stuck with, and then let us help you to figure it all out. 

Our aim with our mentoring programs is to make photography easier to understand and more accessible for any creatives. It may be that you would like to better document your family life, or that you would love to be able to take stronger images for your brand or business. Either way, we’re here to help!


We currently offer two different packages - 



(mentoring for bloggers, instagrammers, creative business owners, always wanted to be photographer's and parents ) 


This package is for 3 months photography mentoring. We will work through the three key areas of photography, bringing everything together to give you more confidence and vision to create the kind of images you dream of taking. 

It’s totally understandable that these days it’s not always possible to come along to a workshop or meet us in person for a 1-1. So for those of you who would prefer to learn with us from the comfort of your own home, this is perfect for you. 

Some of the Topics we cover - 

Shoot with feeling - making the change from automatic camera settings to manual and learn how to create images in your own personal style. We’ll work along with you to strengthen your creative vision and help you to understand your camera in a more simple way. 

Finding the light - Working with light for more powerful images. Learn how to make the most of any situation and all the fun things in between. Beautiful backlight, golden hour, limited light, contrasting and full sun. There are lots of ways to make light into something beautiful rather than it be a barrier to your creativity. 

Creating your editing style -  How to use an editing suit such as lightroom to find and create a colour and black and white preset that is personal to you. We can also show you ways of tweaking your images for different light situations and add a new feel to your images. 

This package can be worked on together in exactly the way you need it to. If you already feel confident with how your camera works, we can spend more time in the weeks on 'finding the light' and explore lots of new ways to use it to take away the fear of different light situations being a barrier to your best work. Likewise if editing is something you would LOVE to get better at, we have lots of ways to use editing programs to really find something that speaks to you. We will work along with you to plan the kind of mentoring that leaves you with the confidence to just get out there and SHOOT.  



(Brand mentoring for more experienced photographers. For those of you who have lost your way and need clarity and direction ) 


This package is for 3 months brand mentoring. For those of you who already have the hang of using the camera but are left feeling kinda disillusioned and lost in the wild, we'd love to help you find your way again and offer a little light.  Shaping a photography business can lead you into all kinds of directions and not all of them are where you expected to end up. We know that feeling, we really do!  This course is made for you if you feel the need to get back to the start again, back when it was all new and exciting and YOUR greatest love. Start back at the beginning with us and we'll work along with you to find the right path, find an audience that you can connect with and the best bit, people who would like to work with you for the right reasons. 

Finding your voice - How to find where you are coming from with your work, how does it make you feel and what is important to you? 

Creating images which represent you better - we can help you to find a photography style that has synergy with your thoughts. 

Finding the right products for your brand - so you have an understanding of how you like to shoot, who do you want to do this for? what value can you give to those clients? 

Brand v personal identity. How to connect with the right people for your work including specific marketing strategies to get you in front of those people. 




If either of these appeal to you, you can find more information on our MENTORING page. There you will find specific details of how we run our mentoring, the period of time we will be supporting you, and the cost. 

We'd also like to say, if there is anything in particular you would like to learn about photography, please just ask HERE and we'll do our best to create something that works perfectly for you! 







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