How to find the right support when you start as a photographer

One of the things that was most valuable to us in our years beginning as photographers was filtering through ALL the complex and confusing information online to find somewhere that gave really USEFUL, RELEVANT and INSPIRATIONAL content that actually HELPED us.

Whether that was in a youtube channel (wow, so many of those are dull), an online learning website, a workshop with a support page, all were so very valuable to us when we had many many questions. 

One of the ways we found the most support, was through a small but purposefully picked community of people, where we could all share our experiences, any great tips, perhaps share some tricky moments and also gain some super helpful feedback. As a creative, the hardest part is sometimes just getting out of the house and actually creating, without the fear you may be doing something wrong or that today is just not the day for it.

Over the summer we would like to invite you to a group just like this one. In here we will offer inspiration, share content that will practically support you, set weekly challenges ( all are optional but should help you to creatively grow) and be there as a community of likeminded people who also love photography. 

If you would like to join us, follow he link here and sign up for a summer of photography!

We'd love to have you there!