These past few months we've been on a bit of a creative/personal journey. We moved our whole family and our workspace at the start of December and it was harder than we thought. Hibernating has felt like the right thing to do in January. Maybe it's a reaction to what we felt were the pressures of a new year beginning after so much upheaval and envelopment into festivities. So much hope and enthusiasm can sometimes also be met with a blank feeling, almost as though there's just too much to contend with all at once. 

So we've taken a little time off, we've hung around the house, we've read, watched the kids, watched tv, I've slept a LOT (Jo) and really tried to rest and renew. We've learned new things, we've cooked together and most of all we've tried to be kind to ourselves and each other. 

It's so important don't you think? To not beat ourselves up for slowing down, concentrating on one thing at once and feeling appreciative of the small things. 
After a weekend of feeling a bit lost with it all, we took Margot out on a rainy dull day and spent some time down with the plants. It's amazing how just taking an hour out of trying to 'find' your creative mojo, it seems to just appear out of nowhere. 

We realised again what drives us to create, what makes us live, breathe and love. 
How do you work on getting back to yourself?