Fighting fortnite // kapow

It's a wonderful thing being seven or eight, or no doubt any age that doesn't involve being an adult. But as most kids hit the playstation hard it was so, so nice to spend time with Vincent in his favourite place. Just down from his house in a beautiful little village that I swear I'm going to move to one day, there is a river that runs along footpath. 

At the moment Vincent's family don't have a garden at their house, but just down the road, maybe about 30 yards, there is this river which we walked down to. There were no screens, no fortnite just real life happiness and very wet wellies. 

After about three minutes of being there he discovered there was a hole in his wellies which squirted out of the side in some comedy fashion, he fell over countless times but just got back up with a bigger grin on his face. He's an absolute joy to be around, I really hope that these evenings in the river help him to stay this way, he's got lots to teach the world. 

Here's to more adventures in rivers & forests with real, tangible life experiences and less screen time. It's something we feel really passionate about. If this sounds like your little wild one or you want to explore with the family, it would be amazing to have a little chat about your ideas or create some new ones. Send us a message via our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can and arrange a coffee and a chat.  

For now, here's Vincent.