composition rules you love

Don’t know about you, but I’ve grown up watching films and I still love them as much as now as I did then! It’s one of the ways to get lost these days. Since Margot has been born we’ve only been to the cinema once in two years, and when we did go, oh my god it was marvellous! We went to watch the Greatest Showman, ok so it’s not something I would usually run towards, but Ash and Logan wanted to see it as well as Jo! 


We all went, popcorn, chocolate, minus a toddler and it was amazing! The boys loved it and I’m pretty sure there might have been the odd tear in Jo’s eye. I’d forgotten what an experience it is to sit there and be immersed in all the sound and not have anything to do anything. Looking forward to our next visit, hopefully sooner. 


One of the things that I noticed while there, that’s become second nature to most photographers that I know, is composition. We all lean towards one style. When I started out it was all about the rule of thirds, I’m sure you’ve heard the term before. If you haven’t, it’s basically when you put your subject in a third of the image. I always tended to lean towards bottom left / right and have the subject facing to the open side to give the viewer a certain feeling of openness. 





My favourite composition of all though is one that I discovered a little later on when watching the tree of life by Terrance Malick, the cinematography was by Emmanuel Lubezki, it blew me away and still to this day is one of my favourite films. If you haven’t seen it, you should! It’s such a beautiful film, it’s a little longer than most at 3 hours, but if you love a wide angle, man this is the film for you. 


Here’s the trailer. 


The composition is something else, and it’s that super wide shot with a single subject or a couple in the middle with lots of negative space around them. 





Which films are you drawn to for their composition? Oh and check out Wes Anderson, he’s also a master of this!