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What's the secret to taking photographs in manual mode?

Okay, so we are asked this question EVERY SINGLE WEEK!.

And It’s a valid and very common issue most people come across when owning their first DSLR style camera.

Of course you want to take better quality photographs, like the ones you’ve seen others take and that you love, but why don’t your images work out how you see them in your mind?

There’s no real secret code you have to crack, but there are simple ways to get you started and not give up so easily.

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The best apps for a Photographer

Because we’re in the photography world, I sometimes just assume that everyone is using the same apps for photography as us, and to be honest it is a little guilty pleasure of mine to find something new. These are some of the apps that we love and are using all the time. If you have any recommendations of any others please share in the comments. Hopefully there is something here that you didn’t know and you fall in love with, well not actually fall in love with because it’s an app but maybe make your life a little easier.

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Photographing your real life, not just your internet worthy life.

We talk a lot about taking more everyday kind of photographs. I think there’s lots of reasons that many of us don’t necessarily take those snapshot moments quite as much anymore. For us, we’ve mostly got a particular style of photograph in our minds and have recently recognised that most of our everyday things are often taken on i phones. I’m sure we’re not on our own here!

but what will this mean as we all grow older? Will we still keep those memories safe? or will they be locked away on memory cards and masses of uploaded but never seen again files?

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How to take documentary family photographs

Here’s some ideas to help you to take your own family photographs in a documentary style, or help you to take documentary style family photographs in a more professional way.

1 - Sit and chat for 10 minutes before you bring out the camera. This allows the family to feel more comfortable with you and that they are ok to continue along with their day to day. It’s important that everyone is their natural selves so that you can capture those moments so be patient, you will be rewarded in time.

2- Suggest an activity, breakfast, cooking, bathtime, feeding the dog, reading. Whatever is normal for them at that time of the day, and watch carefully.

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8 lessons learnt in 8 years of photographing

It’s one thing feeling as though you can take a good picture and are ready to start being paid for your photography and a whole other element being professional enough to run your own photography business.

We thought it may be helpful to those of you who are at the start (or even middle) or your photography journey to be able to hear from our experience, the kind of things you may come across and hopefully give you some tips for how to handle potentially tricky situations .

I can’t say we’ve always got it right, and we’ve certainly had to learn along the way BUT.. I do feel it allows us to at least share with you, what you can possibly come across and how you can lessen the worry.

Sometimes managing people’s expectations and also making sure you look at things from all angles can be life savers. Here’s our 8 best lessons learnt over those 8 years.

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