Being a new parent / family photography

Just look at those toes! I don’t know one person who can resist tiny baby toes, they are the best!

We’ve known Hannah for quite awhile now so was such a pleasure to visit their little family and take these photographs. It really doesn’t matter if you have done the parent thing before and you are kind of ready for a new baby, or are on a brand new journey of parenting. Holding your own tiny one is blooming magical.

Here are some of the photographs we took for Chris and Hannah of Ella.

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How to take documentary family photographs

Here’s some ideas to help you to take your own family photographs in a documentary style, or help you to take documentary style family photographs in a more professional way.

1 - Sit and chat for 10 minutes before you bring out the camera. This allows the family to feel more comfortable with you and that they are ok to continue along with their day to day. It’s important that everyone is their natural selves so that you can capture those moments so be patient, you will be rewarded in time.

2- Suggest an activity, breakfast, cooking, bathtime, feeding the dog, reading. Whatever is normal for them at that time of the day, and watch carefully.

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How to Photograph Children

We wanted to write a blog about how we photograph the little ones, but before we start, I do want to say these are just the things that we’ve learnt along the way. We love what we do and love being around families, so these are some of the things that we’ve noticed as we go. These work if you are being paid to photograph children / families, or if you own some children and it’s a quick guide to some of the things we’ve do at most of our family shoots.

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Chloe | family shoot | Why family shoots matter

Family is everything. When you have the chance to stop and really see it. Really see you. Having photographs taken at any point are always going to mark parts of your life that will at some point seem like such a distant memory. That’s why we wholeheartedly love to take these pictures for you. They matter, you matter.

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