Why it's important to speak openly online

Understanding what people would really like to read on a photography blog has been quite a journey.

I guess when we started out 7 or 8 years ago, it was more just a few words here and there to support the photographs, we didn’t really want to distract too much from the photography work and it can be tough to know what people out there want to read. A total minefield in some cases, where do you start?

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Afternoon portraits - Learning to shoot portraits with the sony A7iii

think it’s safe to say that we grew a great love and trust using our Canon systems over the years. It was quite a surprise when the Sony A7iii came onto our radar. It’s not that we were all canon or nothing, I’m sure there’s not much between each different system (ok maybe you would disagree with me on that, I know it’s a pretty weighted subject) but in all honesty, over the years we’ve shot with digital and lots of different film cameras and there was just something special about the images that were coming out of the Sony that we just couldn’t ignore.

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Living a more sustainable life.

Our good friends Matt and Beth live here. They grow their own veg and fruit, have a home for chickens…. and are making efforts to have a more sustainable life. Not in a big noisy way, just because it works for them.

When and where do you make the steps towards a life that ‘feels’ more considered, more real, more thoughtful about the world we live in, and the choices we make to making it a better place?

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