Amanda & Josh // Wedding Photography

a wedding like no other.
It’s the first wedding where Jo and I have worked together in such a long time and it’s the first time we’ve gone into it not using the canon 5d Mark 4’s. Instead we used 2 Leica Q’s which have a fixed 28mm lens and produce the most beautiful files. A Canon 6D mark 2 and a Sony a7iii with an 85 - 35 combo.
We haven’t blogged a wedding in so long but we have a few lined up and I want to share some of our favourite images from the day. Not necessarily the story of the day in a timeline but just images that make our hearts sing.

lots of love for these two, congratulations Mr and Mrs McCartney

Triangle Bake House / Lifestyle Photography

Never had a loaf of Sourdough before and what a treat, just thought it was one of those things that hipsters eat! But besides the bread and cinnamon buns, it’s the passion that Aaron and Vic have who run the Triangle Bakehouse. You know something is going to be good before when you see how the people creating it are so passionate about it. A handful of images for them and please if you get the chance try some of the bread, I like to enjoy mine sat on the floor with a Margot.

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we lost you monica

We went to Cornwall to photograph a wedding once and stayed in this beautiful air bnb when Margot was only small. The light was soft and fell into the rooms, everything was in full bloom in the garden and we were still in the glow of being in full glow of being new parents.

The owner of the bnb was a beautiful soul called moinica who I asked to take some portraits off and she said yes but only if my sheep can be in them. I don't know what's happened till now but with life as busy as it is this is the first time seeing these images and I’m now going to try and send them onto monica. But have a look at your old hard drives? see what you saved, see what smiles you can bring back.

Forest Gin featuring Teddy / lifestyle photography

Back in 2015 we photographed for Forest Gin when it was in its infancy. We went along foraging in the Macclesfield forest with their family and heard of how they starting this at home in their conservatory. Stemming mostly from a love for locally sourced ingredients and something they could do together. Forest Gin quickly became a household name.

Moving on 3 years and Karl asked if we would pop around to see and photograph their new distillery. It’s pretty special to see two people so passionate about an idea and watch it grow and evolve so much!

So here are a few of the photographs we took in and around the distillery, still based in the macclesfield forest.

oh and here’s Teddy. He’s the best for meet and greets at the door!